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The Student News Site of The Woodlands College Park High School

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The Student News Site of The Woodlands College Park High School

Cavalier Post

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Online Closet

How to be a Depop Seller
dayluvs2thrift DepopShop

I’ve always loved everything about clothes! My freshmen year, I wrote an article on the benefits of thrifting, and now I have taken it upon myself to create an online “thrift store.”

When I was in 8th grade, I stumbled upon an app, Depop, which allows people to create their own shops and resell their clothes for moderate to low prices, which is how thrift stores resell donated items. 

Initially, I was just an interested consumer. I would follow Depop sellers and at times offer to buy their products or bid for a lower price. However, six days ago, I chose to finally create my shop, dayluvs2thrift

Creating a shop was simple. First, I set up an account, came up with a clever name, and posted my first item. Selling, however, was a completely different story. 

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So far in my six-day journey, I have sold one item and currently have three items with offers. I learned that even though some accessories receive offers, posting one photo does not ensure the item will be purchased. I decided to ask Google, “How to sell clothes on Depop?” 

Immediately, a Depop article appeared and gave me tips and tricks on how to sell faster. It proposed the question to ask while setting up a shop, “What will sell?” and answered it with, The seasons and weather have a big impact on what buyers are looking for.”

The article went on to advise matching the season with the article of clothing. Such as, in the winter, people are looking to buy coats, jackets, and long-sleeved shirts. And in the summer, try selling shorts, T-shirts, and swimsuits.

The article also spoke on the importance of good quality photos taken to best sell items. Take a picture of the article at an angle using a bright setting with a clear background that most flatters the item to catch the buyer’s attention. Depop also published another in-depth article on how to best show off your product. 

Once a good, quality photo is made, think about a compelling, yet simple description that best captures the item. Include searchable words that people are most likely to use including brand names and the color of the article. Making sure you choose the correct price for your item, is key. The price should be realistic and still turn a profit.

Another major factor that helps sell is promotion. Going on different social media platforms to consistently post business specials and asking others, such as friends or family, to repost your platform is a great way to get traction. Soon, customers will start to follow the store and buy items.

Most importantly, have patience. People are not going to buy everything at once. Staying consistent on social media and refreshing items often will slowly draw customers to buy items in no time. 

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