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Tuning In

Seven-day meditation experiment
Dayan Rivera
Location of meditation spot

I recently wrote an article about mindfulness, and I realized that I would like to have a deeper experience with being mindful and dedicate myself to meditating for one full week. Beginning, October 9, 2023, I decided that I would meditate for 10 to 15 minutes a day, and log-in how it affected me during the experiment, the next morning, and include the overall experience. 

Typically, before waking up to get ready for school, I feel unwarranted amounts of irritation and anger. There is nothing for me to be upset about or even angry about, so why am I waking up so upset? I believe it has something to do with my subconscious. Maybe there is something internally affecting me; therefore, I want to attempt meditation and possibly achieve peace of mind. 


Day 1 – 10/9/2023

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On my first day of meditation, I went to a park near a lake. I laid a blanket down, took in the setting around me, and put on a “How to Meditate for Beginners” video on YouTube because I wanted to ensure I was doing my experiment correctly. 

I began by closing my eyes and listening to the environment’s natural sounds. The video repeatedly instructed to focus on breathing and let everything around us happen. As I was getting deeper into meditation, I felt my mind go empty, and an energetic connection developed and I became in tune with my surroundings. I broke character a couple of times because of “how in my face” the silence was. When the ten minutes passed, I opened my eyes and automatically noticed a more relaxed feeling. Encouraging.


Day 2- 10/10/2023

When I woke up, I still felt irritated but I took a step back and did some breathing because I did not want my morning to be spoiled. I went to the same park for the second day of my experiment. This time my friend and I brought food and a speaker to listen to music, and together we meditated on another video.

I closed my eyes and immediately felt more distracted than previously. It was difficult to concentrate on my breathing and surroundings because I would either zone out or think about 100 things at once. I got frustrated although I started to control my breathing while listening to the video, which directed me to focus on different parts of my body. 

“Take in how each organ works together to support your body with nutrition even though each organ is separate,” and suggested listening to the beat of our hearts to appreciate that it pumps blood throughout the body. I enjoyed Day Two because it forced me to become aware of my physical form including appreciating myself a little more. 


Day 3 – 10/11/2023

When I awoke that morning, I realized a calm feeling. I woke up with more ease, got ready, and even got to school on time. For Day Three, I meditated on my porch with my cat for emotional support. I began by reading my book for almost an hour then put on a meditation video. 

I noticed reading before meditation helped my concentration and breathing a lot. As soon as I closed my eyes and fell into meditation, my mind became clear, and all I could feel were the energies surrounding me.

The video focused on “inner reflection.” The video instructed me to close my eyes, empty my thoughts, and listen to my breathing for a moment. Then the video invited us to imagine a younger version of ourselves and to think about what we would tell them. Whether it’s asking our younger version for forgiveness or giving them an update on our lives, it was a really good exercise in case we needed closure to move on to the next chapter. 


Day 6 – 10/14/2023

Six days have passed and since I began my experiment, my mornings and my

feelings throughout the day have been a lot better. Waking up at 6 a.m. or earlier is not ideal; however, I did notice how much calmer I felt waking up, I did not feel much frustration and when I started my day, the things that would easily irritate me, simply did not. 

For Day Six, I meditated in my bedroom. I was busy during the day so I did not meditate until I got home and right before bed. I showered, cleared my thoughts, sat on the floor of my room, and began. 

With each day that passes, there are times when I meditate and my mind falls right into it, then there are other days when I cannot focus on a single thing. However, I pulled myself together and was able to proceed on Day Six. 

The video I listened to on day six focused on the silence. At first, it felt awkward, maybe because it was the first time I tried meditating in my room and the silence was really loud. Though the video kept playing and said that if the silence was deafening and you were thinking of a million things, it was okay. If you could try to find answers to those thoughts that’s best but if there’s none, your answer was to inhale and exhale because sometimes life does not give clear answers. 


Day 7- 10/15/2023

I woke up late and got to school even later. I was in a rush and frustrated though it was my fault because I wanted to be in bed for a little longer. However, I got over my morning and went on with my day fine.

I went back to the park where I first started my experiment. I noticed that I enjoyed this spot for my meditation because the environment felt safe and calm. I laid a blanket on the grass near the lake and before I began, I looked around and took a moment to understand and take in everything around me. 

I began the meditation video though this time I did not put on video, I attempted to try it by myself. It was difficult because the videos did help guide me, however, I focused on my breathing, and suddenly everything went still. Honestly, I felt like I had a superpower. Everything simply made sense.  How nature will do its thing and how humans will go on with their day-to-day lives, awes me because there are so many things on this planet that have a soul. 


My overall experience with my seven-day meditation experiment was very effective. Each morning when I woke up I realized a calmer and smoother morning compared to waking up annoyed over nothing. When I would go to school and go through my day I did feel more present, I did not feel as if I was in my head or thinking negatively. I would like to go on with my experiment to make meditation a daily practice, the only thing I need to work on is trying to do it every day.

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