One Final Bow


Revs at the end of their opening dance, Courtesy: Student Center

Eleanor Kelly

ighlighted all of the Reveliers’ talent on Friday April 14.

The team performed many dances, including their opener to “Feel This Moment” by Pitbull, as well as many smaller ensembles.

“My favorite dance to perform this year was Rio, because it was fun and creative, no one did anything like it and I liked that we got to collaborate,” junior Gracelyn Sorenson said.

The team worked very hard this past year, dancing at football games, going into contest season and finally ending their journey with their Spring Show. 

“I think it was great that we could see how far we have come together. From the beginning of the season to the end, I loved performing with my girls,” Senior Lt. Hillary Samford said.

The line officers performed all of their contest dances, and the four senior officers, Major Kylie Wiggins, Lt. Major Emma Summers, Senior Lt. Hillary Samford, and Senior Lt. Chloe Rivera all participated in a senior officer dance

“Spring Show was bittersweet because I was sad to end my dancing journey with my best friends,” senior Brynn Hebert said. 

This was the last time the class of 2023 Reveliers will ever perform together. They danced together one last time to “Dear High School” by Caroline Rial. They all danced in their college t-shirts that corresponded to where they will be attending next year, the dance was very emotional, and per tradition, ended with them hugging. 

“I like making long lasting memories, it’s the last time we all get to dance together as a team and I enjoyed all of it,”sophomore Audrey Parchemont said.

Along with the seniors, each class gets the opportunity of making their own dance. The freshman class did a Mission Impossible themed dance, the sophomores did a Teen Beach Movie dance, and the junior class lifted spirits and danced to a song from the movie Rio

“When Aimee came out and did the handshake with me it was very sad but I was also excited because she is going to go to UT and do amazing things there. I am going to miss her so much, and she better come back to visit,” junior Katie Iacobucci said. 

The show ended ceremoniously with the Boot Drop. Each year the seniors drop their boots that they wore throughout their high school career. 

The Revelier Class of 2023 started their time on that same stage in 2019, faced many challenges, and finished their time with one final bow upon that very same stage.