Tubular Tennis


Aubrey Joseph, Juno Pethe, Maeva Elizabé, and Anna Bong

Last week, varsity tennis competed in a district wide competition. Four Cavaliers advanced to Regionals in Waco next week, Juno Pethe 9th, Anna Bong 10th, Maeva Elizabé 11th, and Aubrey Joseph 11th.

In the competition, held at College Park, there were five different types of matches, girls singles, boys singles, girls doubles, boys doubles, and mixed doubles. Each school from our district sent 16 players to College Park last Thursday, Mar. 30, and Friday, Mar. 31. Each player can only play one event, each player is seeded, or ranked, in each event and placed into a bracket. Each match was given a time to play on Thursday with single elimination, meaning that if the players lost, they were out for the rest of the competition. The players had to win three matches in order to play on Friday, after Thursday there were 14 people from College Park qualifying to play for first, second and third in

Four CP players will compete at the regional competition in Waco next weekend on Friday April 14, if you see any of these tennis players be sure to congratulate them.